We are all faced with a series of great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.


The Pont Provencher – Esplanade Riel Paired Bridges Project is not only one of Winnipeg’s’ most recognizable icons, it is also ranks as one of our most successful designs to date.

Welcome to GPPArchitecture Inc.  We are the most recent evolution of our parent firm that was launched over 50 years ago, here in Winnipeg.  Our purpose as architects and designers is to provide place for people; for body, mind and spirit.  This placemaking requires Vision.  Architectural Vision begins with sensitivity to region; to its climate, its history and its potential.  The best Vision however is a shared Vision.  Our design philosophy is based upon the inherent importance of regionalism.  Recognition that a building is shaped by both where and who you are translates into the creation of animated, enriching and even empowering environments.

Our website is not intended to provide a full listing of all of our projects, but rather a sampling of some of our more representative projects.

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