Project Description

Pont Provencher / Esplanade Riel

Spanning the Red River, Pont Provencher – Esplanade Riel is the first “occupied bridge” of this century. This unique typology has not been seen since the building of Ponto Vechio and the Tower Bridge of London. This term applies to a bridge which is graced by a function other than the crossing of vehicles or pedestrians. Not only does the bridge offer a dining and historical orientation space, it also recreates the original line of the former Provencher Bridge, which was once the link between Broadway and boulevard Provencher; Winnipeg’s original boulevard of dreams.

While welcoming travelers and locals alike under the tent structure located at mid-span, this enclosed plaza features sand blasted window pane sections that tourists can use to orient themselves to the multitude of historical attractions that surround the plaza.  They can use these images as a starting point to plan their sightseeing adventure in Saint-Boniface, at the Fork National Heritage site or within downtown Winnipeg.

Client: City of Winnipeg – Bridges and Transportation Dept.

Prime Consultant:  Wardrop Engineering Ltd.