Project Description

Centre Étudiant
Université de Saint-Boniface

Located at the Université de Saint-Boniface Campus, the Centre Étudiant was built within an existing semi-enclosed and largely abandoned open-air courtyard.  Taking advantage of this underutilized outdoor space, enclosing it and revitalizing it, the Centre is inspired by the great agoras of ancient times, where scholars would meet and teach classes in an open-air environment.  This impressive 3 storey space also takes in an impressive amount of direct sunlight through a skylight that covers almost the entire space, making artificial lighting during sunny days, unnecessary.  With its spiral staircase and raked seating, the space provides both intimate and grand spaces to host a variety of activities and gatherings.  A favorite among the students who come here to dine, the space not only acts as a meeting spaces, but also have enough quiet nooks to provide places for students to study.  Hung above the central interstitial podium is a set of theater lights and a catwalk that provides lighting for performances that can be staged on the podium and observed equally from the levels above and below.

Client:  Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface (Université de Saint-Boniface)