Project Description

Jardin des Artistes
boulevard Provencher, Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

Stretching along the north side of boulevard Provencher and nestled in between the former City Hall, Fire Station and Police Station, which once formed  the civil complex of the City of Saint-Boniface, the Jardin des Artistes is an oasis of peace and tranquility, inviting the public to sit and stay a while surrounded by lush gardens amidst world-classed artwork.  The multiple axis which generate the form for the pathways of the jardin are inspired by the rich history of the community and the axial symmetry used in its planning.  Composed of wandering gardens, a labyrinth, a performance stage and multiple nooks and nodes, the jardin is a space to be experienced.  With its rich diversity of evergreen and deciduous planting, the jardin was designed to change with each passing season, offering a new and varied experience in spring, summer, fall and winter.  On a more intimate timeframe, the jardin also changes its character from day to night, featuring dramatic lighting which shows a very different perspective of the jardin once the sun sets.

Client:  Corporation de la Maison des Artistes

Landscape Architect:  Ken Rech Landscape Architecture