Project Description

OAPM Brandon St. Bus Garage

“Great client empower their consultants to do great things”.  It was with the support of the client that Dillon and GPPA created an entirely custom set of Design-Build Bridging documents for this project.  While detailing spaces, their sizes and relationships to each other through the production of room data sheets and diagrams, enough room was left within the creative elements of the design to allow the bidders to determine the overall design of the building.  Where tight controls were needed, they were instituted.  Where licence could be allowed that benefit the client, this opportunity was opened up to the bidders.  The resulting building fits seamlessly within its established neighborhood context and is complimentary to the houses and parks nearby.  Great care was taken in assuring that this once polluted and abandoned industrial site was returned to the community as a clean and naturalized light industrial complex, whose daily activities had limited impact on the host community.  Great care was also taken in assuring that all recreational paths remained linked through the site.  This 300 + bus and maintenance facility came in under budget and on schedule, while not only achieving its Silver LEED target, but actually surpassing it and garnering LEED GOLD Certification.  Beyond begin a storage garage, the building includes a health and exercise room, bicycle storage and fitness amenities to assure ongoing employee health.

Client:  Transit – City of Winnipeg

Prime Consultant:  Dillon Engineering

Design/Build Team:  Caspian Construction / Number 10 Architecture