Project Description

PanAm Pool Aquatic Centre 1999 Games Redevelopment

In 1998, GPPA was retained to upgrade the facilities for all of the aquatic sports participating in the 1999 Pan-Am Games. GPPA coordinated all of the requirements of the community, the local sports teams, The City of Winnipeg, the Regional Sports Regulators, the National Sports Regulators and the International Sports Associations in preparation for the 1999 Pan-Am Games. Preparing a highly specific and detailed Design-Build Process, GPPA managed the design-build process and acted as the Bridging Consultant of behalf of the Pan-Am Games Association. All works were delivered on time and below budget. Following the Games, GPPA was again retained to undertake specific projects as a Project Manager for ongoing Pan-Am Pool projects.

Client: Pan-Am Games Society / City of Winnipeg

Design/Build Team: Manshield/Smith Carter (Architecture 49)