Project Description

South Beach Casino – Phase 1

This project came about thanks to a development collaborative entered into between Broken Head First Nations and a U.S. Based gaming provider; Global Investments Inc.  When the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) was approached to provide funding under their Aboriginal Investments Dept., for Phase 1 of the First Nations initiated South Beach Casino Development, the RBC retained GPPA to act as their Owner’s Advocate.  In this role, GPPA reviewed all financial, legal and contractual aspects of the project and confirmed it’s conformance to acceptable business practices.  This confirmation of the status of the project allowed RBC to safely input funds into this first phase of the project with the knowledge that due diligence had been performed, assuring that their investment was protected and secured.

Client:  Royal Bank of Canada – Aboriginal Investments Dept.

Design/Build Team:  Brokenhead Ojibway Nation / Global Investment, Number 10 Architecture