Project Description

St. Boniface General Hospital Atrium

Quality of space and specifically access to nature and sunlight is one of the most important components of human health and well-being.  This is why the former director of the Saint-Boniface General Hospital, Mr. Hubert Gauthier, commissioned GPPArchitecture directly to design an “Oasis of Peace” for recovering patients, their visitors and staff alike.  Located at the intersection of multiple blocks of the hospital, the atrium creates a harmonious space, seamlessly integrating all of these building components of varying ages and styles into one beautiful open sunlight flooded space of health, rejuvenation and relaxation.  This herculean task was accomplished by redeveloping the main floors of all adjacent building blocks and extending boulevard Dollard directly into this complex’s drop-off area, effectively creating a controlled, planned, purposeful and aligned entry to this grand space.  Additionally lit by a large skylight above, the formal staircase located directly beneath it connects the atrium to the hospitals lower levels.  Boutiques, souvenir shops, coffee shops, a pharmacy and food court help animate the spaces.  While being an oasis of peace, icon of the health vocation of the space adorn all areas including the floor playfully decorated with a carpet designed to replicate the double helix DNA strand, signifying the research excellence components of the hospital.

Client:  Saint Boniface General Hospital