Project Description

St. Mary’s Cathedral Redevelopment:

Graced by growth of the Parish, but challenged by an aging building stock, the Parish of Saint Mary’s Cathedral and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Winnipeg launched into a redevelopment initiative of their Mother Church Site which they aptly named: “Building Faith, Building Hope”.  In this first stage, a feasibility study was undertaken and confirmed that all of the spaces that the client wishes to investigate can comfortably be integrated onto their current site.  The project consists of a podium base and 2 towers; a west tower and an east tower.  The main floor of the podium houses the Parish Offices, the St. Mary’s Museum and cultural centre, music program spaces, a complimentary adoration chapel and some commercial spaces, while the upper floors house the Archdiocese offices, a large single tenant space as well as a complete conferencing/teaching center, including a large multipurpose hall.  The east tower houses a number of residential units above, while the west tower is dedicated to providing rentable office space.  The complex also includes 2 stories of underground parking.


Client:  Parish of St. Mary’s Cathedral & Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Winnipeg

Associate Architects: ft3 architecture landscape interior design