Project Description

Thermëa Spa en Nature

Located within the existing Crescent Municipal Golf Course, Thermëa offers an oasis of zen-like relaxation, thanks to its unique outdoor hydrotherapeutic wellness environment. Featuring, a Swedish log sauna, 2 inhalation steam saunas, an exfoliation chamber, barrel saunas, a relaxation building and a variety of water elements including a cold plunge and waterfall, a hot tub, and temperate spa pools, client benefit from this utopian environments while discover the health benefits of total relaxation. The theme of a closed courtyard provides not only privacy, but its rustic buildings and their orientation to each other are inspired by the design of local rural farmyards, making this a truly uniquely Manitoba design.  Sustainably designed, the structures feature man-made products blended into perfect harmony with locally sourced natural materials.

Client:  LeNordik Spa en Nature, Chelsea, Québec

Associate Architects: ft3 architecture landscape interior design

Photo Credits:  LeNordik Spa en Nature, Chelsea, Québec